Make your gardens a source of joy!

Having a beautiful place in your house to rest for a while and enjoy quality time is no less than a blessing. Gardens add so much lustre and charm to the properties. It is a great place to spend leisure time close to nature, arrange parties, and breathe in fresh and healthy air. Do you want to upgrade the garden to make it an exciting place? Follow the tips below.

Accent Wall

If you have limited space and want to create a dominant effect, then featuring an accent wall is the best plan get yourself some Plant pots UAE. It is choosing a wall in particular along the garden area and using it as a central point of focus.

Instead of focusing on the garden, decorate the wall as much as possible. You could simply paint the wall in different colors, and add decorative plants and pots to create an impressive effect.

Variety of Pot

Pots are the basic feature of any garden. To add a bit of charm to your garden, use a variety of different pots. You can easily get ceramic pots, wooden pots, steel pots, and pots in different shapes, colors, and sizes are also available. You can also get pot shelves or hanging pots to install in the garden place.

Make sure you have ample space. If you have a small space, then it is better to have smaller pots as it gives you more room to feature more plants. However, you should also focus on the needs of every plant in your care and choose the pot accordingly.

Water Fountain

Adding a water feature to your garden is the best idea. If budget and space allow, then going to a swimming pool is much more exciting. However, installing a poop requires a lot of time, money, and effort. Instead, you can opt for a water fountain as well.

You can easily get traditional water fountains in ceramic and flower shops. Artificial water fountains are also available at decoration stores to create the effect of a waterfall in limited spaces. The best company recommended is FalajGarden one of the best Vertical garden suppliers UAE.

Twinkle Lights

One of the best plans that work amazingly well with gardens is lights. Lights add so much charm and vibrancy to any space. You can install light lamps, lanterns, decorative lights, or even fairy lights to make your garden more beautiful. Dim orange lights make the garden look more mystic.


Placing good outdoor furniture adds up to the place like a missing puzzle. It not only offers a great sitting place but also adds life to the garden. You can get fancy rest chairs, patio furniture, or deck furniture.

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