Protect your indoor Plants

Keeping indoor plants at home adds freshness to the home. Imagine lots of green and beautiful colors inside your home. They are not just integral for beautification, but also in creating a healthy place. However, keeping indoor plants requires more maintenance and care than outdoor plants. Since they are enclosed in a limited space, they require proper care in routine. following these tricks could help you keep the indoor plants in good shape.

Consider Sunlight

Compared to outdoor plants, indoor plants do not require as much sunlight. However, it is always advised to understand the requirement for each plant. Some plants need complete protection from sunlight, while some require indirect sunlight. Segregate the plants based on their sunlight requirements and allocate them the space in your house accordingly.

Water Reasonably

Plants need water to survive, and we have read that since our childhood. But it’s not always the case. The water requirement for plants varies from plant to plant based on their variety, size, and location. Make sure that you are watering your plants just reasonably. Overwatering the plants does not benefit and can ultimately cause the plants to rot. If you plan to go away from your home for some days, designate the duty to someone responsible to water your plants in your absence such as your neighbours or trusted family members. You can also leave your plants at others’ place to ensure they are well taken care of in your absence.

Ensure Protection

If you happen to have pets or children in your house, make sure your plants are out of their reach. Children at a young age don’t have an understanding of plants and they can possibly break, eat, or pluck the leaves, stems, and other parts. The same goes for the pets in your home. The presence of pets could also lead to pest infestation which is bad for not just plants but everyone in the house. So, make sure your plants are kept safe.

Ensure Cleanliness

Cleanliness is key to ensuring the longevity of every being. Clean the plant pots from debris and rotten leaves in time. Remove dust from leaves. The indoor plants add so much beauty to the house. If they are well-kept and maintained, they could potentially elevate the look of your house. Moreover, you also need to ensure the cleanliness of the space around plants to create a refreshing environment. Cleaner pots and cleaner homes make everyone happy.

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