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Agricultural Equipment Suppliers in UAE

At Falaj Garden, we offer a complete portfolio that takes every farmer and hobbyists the crop you grow, the area of your land and your budget, we have every agriculture equipment’s you need!  Around the worlds using modern technology in agriculture, and in the field of innovation and research and development of various machines and tools, flower, crop and plants cultivation has become easier and more profitable than in the earlier years.

A cultivator or a farmer, usually, adopts mechanical farming because of various factors such as unable to find skilled labour and at the same time due to time limitations as well as uncertainty of weather. Mechanised or say modern way of farming, thus, helps in the completion of tasks in less time and also saves labour costs. We offer various types of agricultural equipment’s, which eases the cultivation of various crops.

Our ranges of Agricultural Equipment’s

  • 3 Prong Hoe 191645 3Phe191645
  • 9 Tine Flat Rake 191648 Flrk191648
  • Axe Wooden with Spain Wood
  • Battery Sprayer 16 Ltr
  • Chain Saw 460-20 Husqvarna Sweden
  • Coco Broom Brush 18 Inch
  • Coco Brush
  • Coco Brush 24 Inch with Hd Stick
  • Crow Bar 5 Feet
  • Cultivator 191646 Clt191646
  • Foldable Saw 191594 Fsw191594
  • Grafting Shear 416 B
  • Grass Shear 191644 Grgh191644
  • Hedge Shear 191602 Grhs191602
  • Hose Mender 1 Inch

Are you looking for the Agricultural Equipment suppliers in UAE? Then, please feel free to visit our page to find various equipment’s that can help to keep your home garden or terrace looks great. Falaj Garden is here to support you every step of the way for best Rockwool agriculture available. Visit www. for buying your agricultural equipment’s for your needs, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.