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Dutch Buckets for Hydroponics Sale

The Dutch buckets for hydroponics is a very adaptable and popular hydroponic system, used by professionals and who have the hobby of gardening or planting. Yet, a lot of farmers produce substandard crops because they don’t know the complete hydroponic techniques. More in this, a Dutch bucket is a hydroponic system in which two or more growing containers are connected to the same irrigation as well as the drainage lines. This method is amazingly water and nutrient efficient, that is perfect for growing vining best hydroponic plants such as eggplants, tomatoes and peppers etc., and heavy-feeding.

In addition, home growers and commercial farmers try the Dutch bucket to grow tall and vining fruits and veggies such as beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and squashes, that want a high amount of nutrients. A Dutch bucket has no such limitation good news is that; you can grow herbs, vining plants leafy greens and roots.

The containers in a Dutch bucket system are connected horizontally, leaving plenty of room for upward growth. This makes vining plants ideal because their leaders can be guided upwards and trellised, allowing for excellent potential yields. We are the best in UAE Dutch bucket system for sale Wth Elbow Db300250230 and Hp-Dutch Bucket Mini System 1014 1500/580/730 types are available.

Main Parts of a Dutch Bucket Method

Buckets:  To start the Dutch bucket method of hydroponics with only one bucket you can use and get more as the need arises and each bucket is used only for one crop. Use well-sized buckets that are suitable for any kinds of crop that you want to grow.

A drain pipe: Drain pipes are attached to each bucket. This removes extra nutrients that are in the buckets.

A pump: In this, the pump is connected from the reservoir tank to the buckets. It allocates the nutrients to each bucket when needed.

A reservoir: Reservoir can be a tiny tank or a large version of the buckets you are using for crop growing. The tank helps to hold water and nutrients, which are going to distributed to each bucket.