Garden Sprayers

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Sprayer is an agricultural crop equipment which is used for spreading liquid stuffs to crops or plants. The stuffs such as pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides; these stuffs or say substances are important for the care of crop health throughout the crop growth cycle. Further, the sprayers come in variety of types and sizes from trailed sprayers to hand-held backpack sprayers.

Agricultural crop and garden sprayers play an important role in the health management of crops, gardens with a variety of types available and several uses that serve different purposes.


  • Battery Sprayers 16Ltr
  • Sprayers 16Ltr Steel Korea
  • Sprayers 2L Italy Epoca
  • Sprayers Pump 5Ltr to 10Ltr Italy
  • Sprayers Star 5Ltr and ranges up to 20 Ltrs

Agricultural & Garden Sprayer Uses

Agricultural sprayer serves numerous uses that will benefit the overall health management of the crops which are below mentioned-

For Spraying Water: Water sprayer is used to spray water on plants, crops and gardens with the objective to hydrate them. These are high-pressure sprayers that are used over small areas for irrigation. Also, before crops are harvested, they are sprayed with fresh water to clean any chemicals away that may have been left behind.

For Pest control: Crop sprayer is particularly effective in controlling pests, and pesticides are mixed with water and sprayed on the affected areas of crops to eradicate pest infestation.

For Liquid fertiliser: The sprayer is filled with liquid fertiliser to efficiently distribute the fertiliser to the crops. The main focus is to supply the crops with nutrients, and it is extremely effective because of its ability to target specific crops without losing liquid to evaporation or weather conditions say as wind.

For Spraying herbicides or fungicides: These are mixed with water and sprayed onto crops to prevent any fungi from developing or unwanted vegetation from growing.