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Gutter hydroponic systems

For the green houses with a situation that does not allow the installation of metal gutter systems, gutter hydroponic systems offers an alternative with a hanging or standing version of their Spacer gutters. This system is more appropriate especially interesting for greenhouse berry growers who are looking for labour friendly hanging gutters or those growering tomato who want to raise their crop from the surface with a standing gutter and also doesn’t have the option structure to carry the complete weight of the crop.

Commercial growers have seen high yields and commercial success through the use of hydroponic system and also hobbyists are considering this system a greater development.

Falaj Garden offer elements that enable you to create the most suitable solution liable on your needs for recirculating and monitoring what is drained off in your greenhouse hydroponic cultivation’s, you have several options to choose:

  • Gutters for elevated hydroponic cultivation
  • Gutters for hydroponic cultivation at soil level

We are offering different types of Gutter Hydroponic Systems for your need -

  • Double Gutter System
  • Single Gutter System
  • Gutter End Cap
  • Gutter Connection Socket
  • Gutter Corrugated Tray 1.3 Mtr to 2.9 Mtr

All the gutters for the collection of what is drained off in elevated hydroponic cultivation and enables the perfect placement and holding of bags on the metallic gutters.