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Irrigation Items Suppliers company in UAE

Falaj Garden offers various watering tools and irrigation systems to keep your plants and trees hydrated year-round. You don’t have to worry what’s the climate or season are, you'll find well-organized solutions to ensure vibrant and stable growth in your garden areas or land or even in your terrace.

  • Falaj Garden is happy to present, easy-to-use and affordable drip irrigation items for home gardens or terrace gardens also useful for all those who wish to grow vegetables within premises or can use terrace and land house for the cultivation of flower and vegetable. These items can be easily installed.
  • Nowadays, when crop demand is surging and agricultural lands are getting used as non-agriculture sites, vegetable prices are touching to sky, these irrigation items helps you to grow your own vegetables in a small place available in your garden area or terrace.
  • Also, the scarcity of water is increasing day by day and plants need water, therefore drip is the solution to save water and provide in required quantity to grow better and more.

We supply a wide range of irrigation items and materials for residential and commercial landscaping, golf courses, agriculture, nurseries and drip irrigation applications. We are the best Irrigation item suppliers in UAE for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of irrigation products and accessories.

With our Hunter irrigation fittings, you'll never have to drag a hose all over the land area or garden, or never have to figure out that you have applied enough or too much water.  You are never having to concern about watering the land or garden area while you're away from home.

If you want irrigation accessories company in Dubai, UAE, we are the best among all companies which are dealing in these items. You may reach out to us at