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Agricultural Grow Lights Dubai

You cannot grow food crops in the desert! The vertical farming has proved it wrong! Farmers in the United Arab Emirates are not just effortlessly growing mass-consumed food crops but also rare and exotic plants and foods of high value and also lettuce grow hydroponic garden, all has given by vertical farming methodology and light-assisted hydroponics systems.

Because of the advancement in LED grow lights, Indoor farming has come to the point where it outclasses the old traditional farming. Not only does LED grow lights yield tastier and healthier plants; but Recent LED technology also reduces resources and doubles production speed, which makes plant growth more profitable than ever before.

Further, as we all know that, Light is essential for photosynthesis in Plants and Plants needs light to prepare food and this helps the growth of plants. Also, light energy is required to allow photoreceptors present in Plants.

In recent years, artificial lighting is a necessary requirement for the indoor facilities and greenhouses. Most of the facilities involves either operates entirely on artificial lighting or supplementary artificial lighting facilities. Also, all the innovations and technological advancement of LED grow lighting; indoor farming can be encouraged to accelerate the plant growth, yield and the taste.  Besides, plants can be cultivated throughout the year without depending on the daylight even in colder countries where sun lights won’t appear and in countries with extreme weather conditions plants can be cultivated in controlled in the indoor facilities.

agricultural grow lights Dubai, Agricultural science studies tells us that red and blue lights are most important lights for plant growth. That’s why vertical farms often use their plants in these colors for growth. Also, white light is also an important aspect of light but not necessarily need in these conditions, strong white light such as sunlight will hinder the plant growth.