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Vertical garden items UAE

Gardening is one of the most beautiful hobbies one can have, when you gardening you feel overwhelmed and at the same time lifts your mood, relieves stress and as well as improves your physical health and strengths. Gardening in an urban environment can be challenging because of space constraints. Vertical gardening is one of the solutions to set up a garden in limited space nowadays and it becomes trends in recent years.

Also, one can have a variety of vertical hanging pots in their balcony railing and grow their favourite flowering plant or flowers. Moreover, a little sunshine, water, and the combination of soil you will see the plants growing healthy. You can explore our vertical garden items as we are among the best Vertical garden items UAE providers.

Falaj Garden’s some of the vertical garden items

  • Felth Cloth Plant Bag 100 X 100 Cm 49 Pocket Grey
  • Felt Cloth Plant Bag 100 X 100Cm 25 Pocket 19 X19 Green
  • Felt Cloth Plant Bag 100 X 100Cm 36 Pocket.
  • Hanging Pot with Connectors
  • Strawberry Stacked Pot Tray Zhp6 26.2 X4
  • Strawberry Stacked Pot Tray Zhp8 35.3X4.5
  • Vertical Garden Pot Twin Small Grdpotsml
  • Vg Tray Grdtry

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