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Air pots for trees

Air pots for trees and plants are design to give development of root by allowing extra oxygen in the growth phase, this will lead to healthy bacteria and better release of nutrients to the plants, these are designed for smaller as well as larger trees.

Furthermore, any trees or plant will grow better in an Air-Pot container. In addition to this, whether you are flower fanatic, hobbyists or an avid allotment gardener, or just you have a few plants or tress around the house. Air-Pot containers will help you grow better with radical design in it. For your convenience, we have our wide range of Air-Pots in sizes ideal for everything from the smallest seedlings to the largest trees.

Our wide ranges of Air Pots are mentioned below –

  • Air Pot 30/30
  • Air Pot 40/40
  • Air Pot 50/50
  • Air Pot 50/50

How Air-Pot has transformed gardening

The essential design of Air-Pot containers actively boosts the development of healthy roots of plants and trees. Healthy roots can have greater benefits such as bigger yields, faster growth as well as healthy plants.

How Air-Pot Works lets learn

  • Firstly, the pot wall shape escorts through each root towards an air hole.
  • Air dehydrates the tip and crop it as well as stimulates root branching.
  • The process continuously repeats till there is a mass of healthy fibrous roots.
  • Apart from that, the air holes ensure that there is a perfect aeration and drainage, making ideal conditions for healthy bacteria to release more nutrient to the plants and trees.

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